Mandatory On-site Campus Closure

Although the Languagess, Humanities, and Social Sciences Engagement Center (LHSS) are not able to provide in-person assistance during this time, your LHSS Education Advisor is still available to assist you.                    
There are various ways to connect with your LHSS Education Advisors during the COVID-19 mandatory campus closure. 

How to find your LHSS support team!

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LHSS Peer Mentor and Advisor Virtual Hours
Monday:        11 am - 2 pm
Tuesday:        Closed
Wednesday:   9 am - noon
Thursday:       10 am - 1 pm
Friday:            10 am - 1 pm
LHSS Division Counseling
One-on-One appointments are available upon request. 
Contact: to schedule an appointment. 
If you need assistance scheduling a counseling appointment, contact  or​ and you will be scheduled or connected with the LHSS Counselor as soon as possible. ​​