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COVID-19 Medical Exemption Request

For students who are seeking an accommodation for a medical exemption to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement, please complete the Student Medical Academic Adjustment Request for COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form. 

Please note, the medical documentation must include a diagnosis, a link between the diagnosis and the medical exemption to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement; it must be on letterhead and signed by the medical provider.

In addition, please know this process is for students seeking enrollment in classes for which there are no online course alternatives. 

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

The Disability Resource Center works with students who have a documented disability and are pursuing their education at Riverside City College. We strive to ensure students have access to their programs of study through accommodations, services and campus resources. We welcome and encourage you to work closely with members of the DRC Team to determine your individual needs and make your educational experience at RCC a positive and successful endeavor.
Location:  Dr. Charles A. Kane Student Services Administration Building
                  Room CAK-130.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm (6 pm on Tuesdays)

During the current remote learning environment, the DRC Team is here to support you. Please contact us via phone at (951) 222-8060, email, or set up an appointment here. Please note: our Video Phone is currently not active. Please make an appointment with a Senior Interpreter.

Student and College Responsibilities

As a college student, you are now responsible for steering the disability accommodation process, as well as navigating your academics and seeking support as needed. You will need to structure and plan your days, attend class, complete homework and assignments, meet deadlines and complete exams to the satisfaction of the professors and classes. In addition, you will need to advocate for yourself if you encounter any barriers to accessing your education. (See: Differences between High School and College) Additionally,the DRC abides by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is a law that protects students' educational records and prevents the improper disclosure of these records. As a student at RCC, without your authorization, we will not disclose information to faculty, staff, or parents.
  • Self-identify and disclose their disability to the DRC before requesting services  

  • Provide the DRC with necessary documentation and/or forms (medical, educational, etc.) to verify disability 

  • Complete the DRC online application and schedule an appointment with a DRC counselor to obtain academic accommodations and services 

  • Request accommodations in a timely manner, and work with a DRC Counselor to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations

  • Provide faculty with your accommodation letter from DRC to activate and adopt accommodations for each class, keeping in mind requesting accommodations is not retroactive

  • Arrange and obtain their own personal care attendants/aides if needed (Attendants/aides must complete District Volunteer Service Form) 

  • Inform students of the Disability Resource Center's location and procedures for requesting accommodations

  • Accept and verify documentation of disability — when applicable students enrolled in classes may be tested for Learning Disability (LDT)

  • Inform students of their rights and responsibilities 

  • Work with students to update accommodations, when necessary

  • Provide student with campus resources as needed

  • Reduce or waive any of the essential requirements of a course or program

  • Conduct testing and assessment of learning, psychological or medical disabilities

  • Provide personal attendants

  • Provide additional personal or private tutors above what would be offered to other students

  • Prepare “Individual Education Plans” (IEPs)​ 

New Student Action List:

Submit your application online to become a Riverside City College student.

The Disability Resource Center handbook provides information on services, eligibility requirements and procedures. If you have unanswered questions, please contact or visit the center.


Complete your online orientation by logging in to WebAdvisor — you’ll find counseling items in the Student Menu.

To be eligible for services, you must be a student with a verified disability that results in an educational limitation. Qualifying documentation includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Completed Disability Verification Form
  • Recent IEP or 504 plan (K-12 services) 
  • Letter from a medical professional  

If you’re also a Department of Rehabilitation Client, bring a copy of your Individual Plan of Employment and referral from your counselor. Visit or call the DRC at (951) 222-8060 to schedule an appointment. 

As a student, you must schedule an appointment with a DRC counselor to receive academic accommodations. Our counselor are experienced in assessing and meeting the appropriate needs for individual students — which may include priority registration, NCR paper, scribe, note taking, test accommodations/extended test time, interpreting services, real time captioning, the latest adaptive technologies and even alternate media. Visit or call the DRC at (951) 222-8060 to schedule an appointment.

The college will communicate important information via your RCC student email, so it is important to check daily for new messages. The Disability Resource Center, Student Financial Services, Admissions and Records, and other departments within RCC will send reminders, important dates, and information about new upcoming events.


Priority Registration

Following college orientation and counseling, DRC Students are eligible for priority registration. Contact the DRC office in advance to be cleared for Priority Registration. Students who have been approved for priority registration as an accommodation must contact the DRC each semester to be cleared. 

Accommodation Service Requests

We make every effort to provide tutors for all requests. Students will be notified by email or phone once the request has been completed or the DRC will make the appropriate referral to other tutorial services on campus. Tutoring is not guaranteed upon submitting a request.


Ask your DRC Counselor if you qualify for assistance with taking notes in class/labs or help with written class assignments, tests or exams.


The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) Workability III program provides educational and career guidance to help you meet your employment goals.


Request approval for a special chair, table or other furniture item necessary for attending and getting the most out of your class.


The High-Tech Center is a computer lab for DRC students. As an eligible student, you could receive training to use adaptive technology designed to help advance your future endeavors. The center is also a great space for students to study, print homework, and easily engage with other students and DRC Team members.



Request an interpreter for courses, tutoring, or other academic-related events at Riverside City College. For community/club activities or other non-academic events, please contact the event coordinator. To request an Interpreter, please complete the Interpreter Request form.



Policies, Procedures and Forms 

  • Accommodation Request Form​ 
  • Alternate Media Request Form  
  • Alternate Media (E-Text) Terms & Conditions  
  • Application for DRC Services Form 
  • Authorization for Release of Information (RCCD inter-department)  
  • Consent for Release of Information Form  
  • DRC Student Handbook 
  • DRC Faculty Handbook  
  • Disability Verification Form 
  • Long Term Loan Agreement  
  • Procedures for Receiving Educational Accommodations (New Students) Request for Interpreter Form​ 
  • Request for Sign Language Interpreter Policy  
  • Testing Accommodations Policy 
  • Tutor Application Form