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Clubs and Organizations 

The purpose of clubs and co-curricular organizations is to encourage personal and professional growth through social, cultural, occupational, and service co-curricular opportunities that supplement the academic experience. STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR STUDENT SERVICES FEES PAID UP TO DATE TO JOIN CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS! 

A Club shall refer to an officially chartered and ASRCC approved extra-curricular group whose active membership is limited to students and has at least one advisor who is a current full-time faculty member of the college. Clubs are characterized as:

Students that are not receiving course credit for participation, facilitated by students, and has a minimum of one (1) full time faculty advisor with an approved RCC course load, or their designee, as its sponsor. Clubs can change year after year and need to be rechartered each year. If youre interested in creating a new club you can email for the club registration form. 

Current Clubs



Alpha Gamma Sigma State Honor Society

Here at Riverside City College, we are the Gamma Sigma chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma (ΑΓΣ).

Alpha Gamma Sigma (ΑΓΣ) is the honor society of the California Community College system. Our focus is developing leadership skills and social consciousness of our members through volunteering and community service, and we are dedicated to helping our local community and challenging ourselves to better the world around us.
Active Alpha Gamma Sigma members are:

  • Eligible to compete in statewide scholarships offered only through Alpha Gamma Sigma
  • Offered campus and community volunteer and community service opportunities
  • Encouraged to make leadership advancements within the Executive Board
  • Recognized for their achievements by our local chapter and our ASRCC student body
  • Invited to attend exclusive regional and statewide Alpha Gamma Sigma conferences.

Mission Statement:
“The mission of the chapter and organization shall be to foster, maintain, and recognize scholarship among members of the Alpha Gamma Sigma; to develop programs offering cultural, social, and community service activities as part of the total college experience; and to encourage the members of Alpha Gamma Sigma to develop leadership skills, good character, and sound judgement.”

Come check us out! We hold our general meetings every Thursday, Quad Room 218 from 12:50-1:50pm.

Contact Us:
Email at: ​ 

Be a voice for the voiceless — raise awareness regarding the injustices many farmed, domestic and wild animals endure. Current projects include volunteering at local animal rescues, documentary screenings, animal rights workshops and the Meatless Monday Campaign. 
Meetings are held Tuesday 12:50 - 1:50pm in Quad Room 211 

Contact Us  

To promote art awareness and appreciation of the arts. Also providing transportation for learning more about art, ideas, and others. Activities such as museums, gallery visits and events, workshops with guest artists and educators shall be organized and encouraged.

Meetings are Tuesdays 3-4 pm
Art Building Room 102

Jeff Soto
Phone: (951) 897 - 4760

Heidi Dye

Alejandro Ruiz

To create a welcoming space for students who are interested in astronomy and science.

Thursdays 12:45 -1:45 pm MTSC 204

Advisors: Brock Russell 
(951) 222-3607

Breanna Rondilone

ICC Rep:
Brittney Lane

To provide an environment where student members can: attain leadership skills; gain professional experience; establish industry contacts; obtain employment related information; discuss social and economic issues; and broaden their business knowledge. The club is also designated to assist the members with forming useful and lasting network channels, and to participate in business-related activities, leadership and professional development workshops, and to share ideas with there peers.


Laneshia Judon 

Gertia Lopez 

Phone: (951) 222-8820

The purpose of the Elohist Club is to enrich students with the knowledge and understanding of the biblical scriptures and aspire students to participate in volunteer services for the community. We are a worldwide club and organization that believes in God the Father and God the Mother testified in the bible and study all the truths Jesus Christ taught including the Sabbath day and Passover. The Elohist Club has been established all across the nation as well around the world. In our local Inland Empire, we have clubs in UCR, CSUSB, SBVC and also right here at RCC! We welcome all who thirst for the word of God and want to learn the Bible with an open mind to come and study with us!​

Name: Catherine Thaler

Name: Joe Rangel

Name: Stacey Rangel

Club Contact
Name: Victoria Mendoza
Phone: (951) 455-6130

Please feel free to reach out to schedule a Bible Study or if you have any questions regarding our future events!

The purpose of this organization is to provide its members the opportunity of broader insight into the graphic design, multimedia, and printing industry by: sponsoring meetings with guest speakers from the industry, arranging field trips to research graphic and printing establishments, sponsoring student projects of graphic interest, participating in graphic activities and competitions (Skills USA), promoting the RCC Graphics Technology and Multimedia programs, encouraging careers in the graphics industry and developing outstanding portfolios by participating members, promoting community service. It shall also be the purpose of this organization to encourage good fellowship among graphic printing students, RCC Student Body, Faculty and Staff. 

Our meetings are Thursdays at 12:30-1:30 pm, Tech. B, Room 123

Patrick Scullin
Email Address:​ 
Phone Number: (951) 222-8583

Kwokwai Siu
Email Address:
Phone Number: (951) 222-8580

President: Jacob Ritchey

The primary goal Honors Program Club is to provide an educational experience that allows students to stretch themselves intellectually and to work actively with fellow students and faculty to cultivate an awareness and understanding of the diverse points of view necessary for a rich and productive intellectual environment. The Honors Program Club is committed to drawing a diverse group of students and faculty together, representing our community as a whole, and providing learning opportunities and services to prepare students to be competitive in reaching their future goals.
General Information
Meeting Time: Thursday 12:50 pm in Quad rm. 207

Advisor: Daniel Hogan
Phone: 951-222-2608

We are international and domestic students meeting to interact and exchange ideas while experiencing the diversity, culture and knowledge that is thriving right here on our campus.
Meetings are held Tuesday 12:50 – 1:50 in Quad Room 205 

Contact Us  

The purpose of this club shall be:

  • To promote and enhance the members futures in the legal profession.
  • To promote RCC Paralegal/Prelaw program.
  • To assist in maintaining the high standards of the paralegal/ prelaw program beyond that which is expected of an ABA approved program.
  • To help bolster the public image and acceptability of the paralegal profession.
    To maintain strong public service activities on campus and within the surrounding communities.

To actively participate in all activities on campus designed and designated for the student body in order to provide a better-quality campus life for all members.​

General Information
Meetings are every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am in Business Education Building, room 204​

Laneshia Judon
Phone: (951) 222-8820

Jacqueline James

President: Izai Martinez

 The Philosophy Club's goal is to transcend academic philosophy boundaries and open the space for all issues that foster our growth as inquirers. Moreover, we wish to provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for all students. We will maintain trust and an ethos of respect for differing viewpoints. Members are expected to be considerate, open-minded, and patient when expressing their views and responding to points-of-view with which they disagree. We aim to have a diverse approach to topics and cultivate an inclusive outlook towards the philosophical discussion.

Visit our Website at

The RCC Photo Club is a diverse student group with a passion for photography. We have photographic fun and serve our college and community through volunteer efforts. We expand our horizons with photography trips and weekly photo challenges.

The club has an advisor who guides the group, but the members drive it. It rises and falls on your initiative and enthusiasm. We hope that you’ll choose to join us!

Each new group guides the club a little differently, however there are some things that we have done for years:

Halloween Town – decorate a classroom door and hallway and pass out candy to children, and run a green-screen photography booth.

Reindeer Roundup and Bunny Hop – set up a simple game or craft table, and photograph children with Santa and the Big Bunny.

Meetings – Every Tuesday from 12:50 pm-1:50 pm in Tech B122, next to the tennis complex.

Club President: Alex Galingo

On Facebook look for RCC Photo Club. Select “I want to join” in the upper-right corner and you’ll soon have access to our meeting minutes, voting, photo sharing, special offers, and lots of great photographic information.​

Advisor: Nancy Gall, Associate Professor of Photography

     Phone: (951) 222-8087

 Coming Soon...
 Puente Club has been an active participant for the past 25 years in collaboration with ASRCC Clubs, student government, and the community. The purpose is to remove barriers in striving for higher education by empowering its members by fostering leadership skills, community service, global and local awareness, cultural pride, and cultural identity. Also, the Puente Club provides opportunities for all students to enrich their collegiate through participation in both campus and community activities and fostering higher education.

Club Meeting Information
Wednesday @12:50 pm-1:50 pm in Quad 212

Advisor: Mrs. Maria M. Maness
Phone: (951) 222-8721

Name: Madeline Lopez

ICC Representative
Name: Mirella Flores

 Coming Soon...

Together we create a loving and supportive family for the Queer/LGBTQIA+ community and supporters. We are dedicated to club members and student achievement in the academic, social, political and personal aspects of their lives. Join our club and learn about yourself, others and the world. Come to a meeting and check us out. 

Contact Us​ 

Sociology club or SOC club stands for Students Orchestrating Change. We believe in using social activism to solve sociological problems that our diverse campus faces.​

Thursdays 12:50 pm -1:50 pm in QD 127


Dr. Tim Gutierrez 

Office: QD 210A
Phone:(951) 222-8720

President: Jack Vallentine

ICC Rep: Crystal Trevino

The purpose of this organization shall be to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity for all student-athletes, protecting student-athlete well-being, and fostering a positive student-athlete image, while maintaining the tenants of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) philosophy.

Mondays 12:00 pm-1:00 pm located in the basement of Wheelock Gym (ALC)

Loren Overbo 
(951) 222-8571 

Kaladon Stewart
(951) 222-6130 

President: Madison Hernandez​ 

ICC Rep:
Karen Orozco

 Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

Our student club offers a welcoming space for formerly incarcerated students and those affected by mass incarceration. Experienced students and staff provide advice, assistance and resources to help club members navigate their educational journey successfully.

Meetings are held Thursday 8:50-9:50 am in Math & Science Building Room 111  


 Coming soon...

Student Interest Groups

A Co-Curricular Organization referred to as an Organizations refers to a co-curricular organization whose students, in addition to participation in extracurricular activities, receive class credit or hours for their participation, and the college collects state monies for attendance. Clubs are characterized as: students receive course credit for participation, facilitated by faculty, and has a minimum of one (1) full-time faculty advisor with an approved RCC course load, or their designee. To join these organizations, you must enroll in the corresponding course and have the faculty member's permission to enter.

The Chamber Singers Club works to advance the expression of Choral Music through direct performance as well as active support of the medium. 
Meetings are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-11:30 am in CSA Room 166 

Dance is a dynamic part of our campus — where we delve into both the academic and expressive side of an art form of power and grace. 
For more information, contact Mark Haines 

 Coming soon...

We are the forum for the interaction and education of guitarists on campus — furthering the knowledge and expression of guitar ensemble music. 
Meetings are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:15-11:45 am in CSA Room 250 

The Marching Tigers have led parades, have been featured on TV/film, and performed on various noted stages…but our students know them best for their contribution to every home RCC football game.

Meetings are held Thursday 7-9pm in Stover Room 118 

 Coming soon...
Our team participates at several regional and national conferences each year. Teams represent foreign countries or non-governmental organizations and discuss topics like nuclear disarmament, economic issues, human rights and intellectual/technological property rights. Participants receive recognition for their efforts.
Meetings are held Friday 1-4pm in Quad Room 215
 Coming soon...

The music industry can be a tough place. Our organization offers its members the opportunity to gain knowledge, insight, experience, and artistic development in the music industry and community — plus the supportive environment needed to get started.
Meetings are second Tuesday 1-2 pm CSA Room 248

Our group is called Performance Riverside. We exist as an organization to tour, recruit, and perform for fundraisers or RCC functions.
For more information contact Jodi Julian 

Our club is dedicated to the study, rehearsal, and performance of various literature written for piano ensemble — providing both pieces of training for piano students and ensemble experience. The choir also provides cultural enrichment for club members and the greater community.
Meetings are Monday, and Wednesday 9:45-10:45 am in MUS Room 104

We help remove higher education barriers — empowering members to develop leadership skills, global and local awareness, cultural pride, and cultural identity. The Puente Club provides opportunities for students to enrich our college through campus and community activities.
Meetings are held Wednesday 12:50-1:50 pm in Quad Room 123

Working with the RCC Athletic Training Department at RCC, we introduce the field to interested students. We provide guidance and experience through classroom and hands-on exposure at practices, games, and the athletic training room. California State University transfer readiness is a goal — from class selection to resume building to application.
Meetings are held Friday 9 am in Wheelock Gym Room 102

Our organization provides students with the means to accomplish their goals in the performing arts — preparing them to contribute as artists, educators, audiences, and supporters of the arts. We strive for outstanding arts experiences, superior teaching, and access to valuable aesthetic learning in dance, music, and theatre.​

For more information contact Jodi Julian 

 Coming soon...

We are leaders in musical performance, dedicated to a tradition of excellence. Along with the Jazz Ensemble, we have commissioned and premiered more than 20 new compositions, featuring famous guest artists, while appearing at conventions, festivals, and conferences around the nation.

Meetings are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-11:30am in CSA 

Embrace Positive Change

Coming soon...

Ally supports the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual) community on campus — encouraging individuals to provide a haven and empathetic ear to anyone concerned with sexual orientation or gender identity issues. Once this focused training initiative is completed, participants are given a placard to post.

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We work to find special programs dedicated to serving and supporting the unique needs of foster youth and foster parents both on campus and throughout Riverside County — including the Foster & Kinship Care Education, Guardian Scholars, and College Connection Project Programs.


Join La Casa’s in-depth support program and engagement center, where we nurture Latino culture and student success. As a participant, you’ll gain guidance through workshops, one-on-one tutoring, and guest speakers plus additional access to print and technology resources.

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As a participant of the Umoja Community, you will benefit from our group's support and fellowship while also accessing academic resources. Together we can advance our abilities as students, individuals, friends, and members of the RCC's college community and the larger world.

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In recognition of their service, the RCC Veteran’s Resource Center provides support and guidance to help Veterans in their academic endeavors. Veterans are eligible for four years of priority registration to be used within fifteen years after being discharged from active duty.
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Be Involved, Be Rewarded

ASRCC Banquet
Associated Students of RCC (ASRCC) is the official governing body representing and advocating for the rights and interests of RCC students. We hold to the principles of democracy under three branches of governance: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Be involved to make your ideas, interests, challenges and concerns count while helping improve student life. 
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As a student you have access to diverse discounts, from theme parks to Lyft rides and free services like transit passes and certain entertainment.Having a hard time making ends meet  youre not alone, half of students dont get enough to eatplus, a large percentage are homeless or housing insecure. There is help available for RCC students.