Student Government in Action 

Associated Students of Riverside City College (ASRCC) 

ASRCC is the official student government of Riverside City College established to represent the rights and interests of RCC students. Our mission is: 

Protect student rights and interests by advocating on all levels of governance, financing student activities and programs, and ensuring access to all student government affairs through a fair and representative process; providing a forum in which students may discuss issues, express their concerns, and encourage political participation; Promote and stimulate student involvement and awareness of the academic development opportunities available within the Riverside Community College District; and 

shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, ancestry, gender or gender identity, genetic information, national or social origin, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, differential political opinion, primary language, race or color, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The ASRCC shall condemn any and all discriminatory practices by entities operating within ASRCC and shall consider the removal of its business or funding from said entities. 

Join Us

Public Relations Council - We are looking for students who are interested in promoting campus events, activities, and ASRCC initiatives. We are looking for people who are familiar with social media specifally Instagram, tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook, print media, digital media, graphic design, and potentially new avenues like YouTube and podcast. We meet weekly to go over content assignments, upcoming events, and plan out new media. If youre interesed in joining, contact our director at

Campus Activities Council - We are looking for students interested in planning our traditional programs that happen consistently each month througout the year including Tiger Pride, After Hours, Finals Survival, and spirit events. We meet weekly to plan out the details of each of these programs and discuss new spirit events and programs. Contact our directors at 

Multicultural Activities Council - We are looking for students who are interested in cultural and heritage activities and events. We take pride in the various backgrounds and experiences that our students bring to campus and want to honor and celebrate those. We meet to plan activities, heritage, and cultural activities. Contact our directors at

Special Events Council - We are looking for students who are interested in planning large-scale and traditional programs like our Halloweetown, Homecoming, Bunny Hop, and banquet. We meet regularly to plan the event and logistics for these events. Contact our directors at


Upcoming Events

Where the Work is Happening

The Executive Cabinet consists of the ASRCC President, Vice-President, Executive Treasurer, Secretary and the Committee Directors. Cabinet meetings discuss, set and apply laws, policies and procedures set forth in the ASRCC Constitution. 
The Public Relations Council works to present the RCC student college community at its finest. The PR Council reaches out to the public by creating everything from marketing events to social media posts to flyers that are circulated around campus. 
A vibrant campus doesn’t just happen — this committee develops the event, activities and programs to keep our college community alive and vibrant. What do you want to see next? To have your say attend a meeting or join our team. 
The Inter-Club Council works with all our campus clubs, students and other organizations. Our role is to build bridges of ideas and communication, effectively advancing the existing ideals of our community or helping start something new.  
There are events…and then there are Special Events. Go big or go Homecoming, from athletic events to celebrations, we’re all hands on deck to achieve amazing results. Every student makes a difference and we could use your help, and your voice. 
Our focus is on increasing and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our campus. You can be a part of the open exchange of ideas and the expansion of minds — important work that takes shape when you listen to others and share your ideas. 
See and experience student government in action. Our court upholds the ASRCC constitution, creates and maintains our bylaws plus we are instrumental in organizing free and fair elections — the backbone of any true democracy.  
Finding the best way to help students succeed at RCC is a constantly moving target. Work with us to find ways to make campus life better and more enriching for our community. We want to hear what you need to succeed at Riverside City College. 

Come, Contribute and Benefit — Currently Suspended

Meetings held Monday 12:30pm in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 

Meetings held Monday 10:30am in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 
Meetings held Monday 9:30am in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 
Meetings held Monday 11:30pm in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 
Meetings held Thursday 4pm in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 
Meetings held First and Third Tuesday 11:30am in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 
Meetings held Tuesday 12:45pm in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 
Meetings held Friday 9:30am in Bradshaw Center, Heritage Room 

A Community of Students and Supporters

Our role is to communicate between students and the administration, staff and faculty of RCC — advocating and enforcing the laws, policies and procedures set forth in the ASRCC Constitution. The branch consists of your ASRCC President, Vice President, Executive Treasurer, Secretary and Directors of the respective committees. Being involved with the executive branch allows you to:

  • Build and apply prominent leadership skills
  • Learning program management
  • Plan and become involved in multi-cultural activities
  • Handle and allocate over $600,000 in funds
  • Be involved in passing legislation
  • Learn and be involved in politics and shared governance 

RCC Student Senators vote on college legislation, work with our $400,000+ college budget and attend student conferences throughout California. As a Senator you meet new people, boost your transcript to help you get into the college of your dreams and receive priority registration. 
Apply to Be a Senator  
All ASRCC Senators are responsible for representing 500 students each. The maximum number of senators allowed is established by the RCC Student Activities Coordinator(s) at the beginning of each term. A senate term runs from the first day after the end of the spring semester and until the last day of the following spring semester. 
A Senator shall:

  1. Be an active member of ASRCC and RCC must be their home college of record
  2. Must have completed a minimum of six (6) units at RCC prior to election or appointment
  3. Must maintain a minimum of six (6) units during their term, with those six (6) units at RCC
  4. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.4 for coursework completed at RCC
  5. Must attend a parliamentary workshop every semester
  6. Must attend a minimum of three (3) Senate outreach events per semester

Duties and Powers 
The Riverside City College Senate shall:

  1. Pass legislation, resolutions or recommendations, propose amendments, enact Bylaws, codes and initiate programs, legislation, and Campus activities
  2. Be responsible for approval of Campus budgets and line item changes
  3. Approve all single expenditures/requisition of student government accounts over $1,500 Appoint a Pro-Temp from its elected membership by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote
  4. Reconsider and approve any legislation that is vetoed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its membership, and enact it as law
  5. Confirm by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of its membership, all special appointments to ASRCC cabinet offices
  6. Approve special mid-year appointments to fill vacancies in the Senate with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote
  7. Have the power to enact impeachment proceedings with Supreme Court against all elected and appointed ASRCC college officers, with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of its membership
  8. Choose its own chairs and officers from the elected body, per the Senate bylaws
  9. Meet weekly during the fall and spring semesters (excluding vacations, finals and Dead Week), twice during summer and winter semesters, and may be convened by the Chair or by three-fourths (3/4) of its membership for special meeting
  10. Begin their term the first day after the end of the spring semester in which elected (unless special appointment) and remain in office until the last day of the following spring semester
  11. Forward to the President and Supreme Court copies of all rules, amendments and resolutions, whether passed normally or by a veto override and all articles of impeachment
  12. Appoint all Senators representing the College to the District student committees, from among City College Senators, with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote
  13. Confirm, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, any Presidential and Vice-President nominees as the Senate shall deem acceptable and which meet minimum requirements stated by this Constitution and/or bylaws, when a special election has occurred
  14. Decide, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, all impeachment trials of Supreme Court members and shall issue its written opinion within fifteen (15) days of receiving the articles of impeachment
  15. Request that the ASRCC President provide a full or a partial report on the State of the Association; Follow the Ralph M. Brown Act and Robert’s Rules of Order

Senate Elections and Vacancies 
City College Senators shall be elected by the Student Body using the approval voting method. Seats shall be filled by the candidates receiving, in descending order, the highest number of votes.  

Judicial powers of the Association is vested in the City College Supreme Court. There shall be five (5) Justices, each having one (1) vote on all matters before the Court. Associate Justices perform judicial functions, but are not otherwise considered members of the Judicial Branch. 
Online Documents 
The Supreme Court currently uses Google Drive to store electronic Supreme Court Documents so they are organized and students are able to view the documents; including meeting agendas, minutes and our organizational bylaws.  
Qualifications for Justices

  • Must have minimum 2.0 GPA from prior semester’s work before appointment
  • Must maintain minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA during term of office
  • Must be enrolled and maintain at least six (6) units during term of office
  • Must have complied with all appointment procedures

Term of Office 
Justices shall be appointed to a two (2) semester term. Terms shall not exceed the six (6) semester limit of total Student Government participation. Associate Justices shall be appointed to single-semester terms. 
Duties and Powers
The Supreme Court shall:

  1. Decide, by majority vote, all impeachment trials of Senators and Cabinet officers and shall issue its opinion within fifteen (15) days of receiving the articles of impeachment, or the impeached officer shall be exonerated
  2. Impeach Justices and Associate Justices, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote
  3. Hear all grievance matters, interpreting the ASRCCD Constitution and Bylaws, and reviewing the legality of any Student Government action, upon receiving a grievance form from an Association member
  4. Administer all City College elections
  5. Hold at least three (3) open forums each semester, to encourage Student Body debate about issues and awareness of candidates for Student Government offices and their positions, and to bring student concerns and complaints to light, and shall submit their findings to the Senate, in writing, within five (5) days after each forum
  6. Assign Justices to accompany any requesting Association member to informal grievance hearings beyond the Association’s jurisdiction.

The officers of the City College Court shall include a Chief Justice, a Chief Justice Pro Tempore, and such others as the Court shall authorize. No one shall hold more than one Court office simultaneously. The Chief Justice and the Chief Pro Tem shall be elected by the Court from among the Justices, with Presidential and Senate approval. 
The Chief Justice Pro Tempore shall serve as the assistant to the Chief Justice and, in case of his or her absence, shall assume all duties, rights and privileges of the Chief Justice.  He or she shall preside over any impeachment trial of the Chief Justice.