Important Dates and Deadlines

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Admission Application Submission Dates

  Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021
Submit Application Beginning Oct-1-19 Jul-1-20
deadline for Order of Registration
Apr-22-20 Jun-10-20 Oct-7-20
Application Deadline (thru 11:59pm) Jun-25-20 Oct-23-20 Jan-8-21 Apr-22-21
International Application Deadline Apr-1-20 Jun-1-20 N/A Oct-1-20

High School Concurrent Enrollment
Deadline to submit packet

Oct 1, 2019 -
 Jun 11, 2020
Oct 1, 2019 -
 Aug 14, 2020
N/A Oct 1 , 2020 -
Feb 5, 2021

Term Dates and Deadlines

  Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021
 Term Begins Jun-22 Aug-24 Jan-4 Feb-16


 Term Ends Jul-30 Dec-16 Feb-11 Jun-11


Classes not in session
(Holidays, Spring Vacation, etc.)
Jul 3,
Jul 31-Aug 23
Sep 7, Nov 11,
Nov 23-29,
Dec 17-Jan 3
Jan 1-3,
Jan 18
Feb 12-15, Mar 31,
Apr 12-18, May 31

Add Deadline for most classes
P/NP Deadline for most classes

for Deadline Dates
Sep-4 Check
for Deadline Dates
Refund Deadline for most classes
Short term classes: 10% of class mtg
Sep-4 Feb-26


Drop without a "W” for most classes
(Day before Census, or 20% for short term
Sep-6 Mar-7
Drop with a “W” for most classes
(75%for short term classes)
Nov-13 May-14
Census Date for most classes Sep-8 Mar-8