Academic Support

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The Center for Communication Excellence (CCE) is one of the many resources offered at RCC. Here, student tutors are willing to help you improve your communication skills for free.

  • Tutors are available while the CCE is open to assist any student with their communication course assignments or with any other communication needs, all at no cost to the student.
  • The tutors have taken a variety of courses with a variety of instructors, and are here to see you succeed.

Location: MLK-221 
Time: Monday – Thursday 9AM-4PM
Phone number: 951-222-8635

Welcome to a different approach to education — Supplement Instruction (SI). A student SI Leader attends every class session, take notes and  exemplifies model student behavior. The SI function does not focus on one-on-one instruction, instead, it is oriented towards group discussion, clusters and many other collaborative learning techniques. Using these types of study strategies are an efficient and effective way of engaging students in a creative learning environment.  

Our dedicated engagement centers help you along your college journey. Visit your instructional pathway engagement center to receive individual support and guidance. Educational Advisors, Counselors, Enrollment and Evaluation Specialists, Peer Mentors and Faculty Center Coordinators provide academic and career support in every pathway. We’re here for your success.


The MLK Teaching/Learning Center CAT/CIS/CSC (CCC) Lab is available to students currently enrolled in Computer Applications, Information Systems and Technology, and Computer Science classes to obtain faculty lead, hands-on instruction related to their course work. Lab time is scheduled in WebAdvisor and available during the posted lab hours for each semester.

Our mission in the Math Learning Center is to ensure each student receives the help they need to succeed. We provide a clean and engaging learning environment for students to study in groups or alone. We offer computers, books, and tutors for the following classes: Math 35, 36, 25, 10, 11, 12, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, and 3.
RCC Tutors are available in-person or online via ZOOM video conferencing.
The Writing and Reading Center (WRC) supports students enrolled in classes within the English, Reading, and ESL disciplines and promotes literacy across college courses by providing content-area reading and writing instruction.

More Support!

Career Center - The Career Center is here to help students navigate their career journey, from application to graduation and beyond. 

Counseling and Academic Advising - Our counselors can help you select courses, find additional support, discover opportunities, and guide you in making decisions. We are your team. 

Disability Resource Center - The Disability Resource Center works with students who have a verified disability and are pursuing their education at Riverside City College.

International Students Center - RCC embraces and welcomes their contribution of ideas, culture and passion while providing an affordable, safe and accessible option just a short drive from Los Angeles.

Transfer Center - Our Transfer Center is your source for the information and opportunities to advance your own path — we help in both the preparation and actual process of transferring to a new organization.

Contact Us: 

Dr. Inez Moore, Director of []   951-222-xxx