Associated Students of Riverside City College (ASRCC)

ASRCC is the official student government of Riverside City College established to represent the rights and interests of RCC students.
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Executive Cabinet

The executive cabinet is the overarching leadership of ASRCC.

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Meeting Information Table
Meeting Information Table

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  2. Multi-layered uniform intranet
  3. Intuitive 4th generation archive
  4. Synchronised content-based alliance
    1. Team-oriented systematic ability
    2. Persevering cohesive firmware
    3. Multi-layered local encryption
  5. Ameliorated asymmetric leverage
    • Networked global groupware
    • Networked motivating forecast
    • Digitized intangible info-mediaries
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Meeting Information Table

Joining the Executive Cabinet

If you are interested in joining the executive cabinet...Dates, deadlines, application, etc.


RCC Student Senators vote on college legislation, work with our $400,000+ college budget and attend student conferences throughout California. As a Senator you meet new people, boost your transcript to help you get into the college of your dreams and receive priority registration. 

All ASRCC Senators are responsible for representing 500 students each. The maximum number of senators allowed is established by the RCC Student Activities Coordinator(s) at the beginning of each term. A senate term runs from the first day after the end of the spring semester and until the last day of the following spring semester. 
A Senator shall:

  1. Be an active member of ASRCC and RCC must be their home college of record
  2. Must have completed a minimum of six (6) units at RCC prior to election or appointment
  3. Must maintain a minimum of six (6) units during their term, with those six (6) units at RCC
  4. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.4 for coursework completed at RCC
  5. Must attend a parliamentary workshop every semester
  6. Must attend a minimum of three (3) Senate outreach events per semester

Senate Elections and Vacancies 
Senators shall be elected by the student body using the approval voting method. Seats shall be filled by the candidates receiving, in descending order, the highest number of votes.

Supreme Court

Judicial powers of the Association is vested in the City College Supreme Court. There shall be five (5) Justices, each having one (1) vote on all matters before the Court. Associate Justices perform judicial functions, but are not otherwise considered members of the Judicial Branch. 
Online Documents 
The Supreme Court currently uses Google Drive to store electronic Supreme Court Documents so they are organized and students are able to view the documents; including meeting agendas, minutes and our organizational bylaws.  
Qualifications for Justices

  • Must have minimum 2.0 GPA from prior semester’s work before appointment
  • Must maintain minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA during term of office
  • Must be enrolled and maintain at least six (6) units during term of office
  • Must have complied with all appointment procedures

Term of Office 
Justices shall be appointed to a two (2) semester term. Terms shall not exceed the six (6) semester limit of total Student Government participation. Associate Justices shall be appointed to single-semester terms. 
Duties and Powers
The Supreme Court shall:

  1. Decide, by majority vote, all impeachment trials of Senators and Cabinet officers and shall issue its opinion within fifteen (15) days of receiving the articles of impeachment, or the impeached officer shall be exonerated
  2. Impeach Justices and Associate Justices, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote
  3. Hear all grievance matters, interpreting the ASRCCD Constitution and Bylaws, and reviewing the legality of any Student Government action, upon receiving a grievance form from an Association member
  4. Administer all City College elections
  5. Hold at least three (3) open forums each semester, to encourage Student Body debate about issues and awareness of candidates for Student Government offices and their positions, and to bring student concerns and complaints to light, and shall submit their findings to the Senate, in writing, within five (5) days after each forum
  6. Assign Justices to accompany any requesting Association member to informal grievance hearings beyond the Association’s jurisdiction.

The officers of the City College Court shall include a Chief Justice, a Chief Justice Pro Tempore, and such others as the Court shall authorize. No one shall hold more than one Court office simultaneously. The Chief Justice and the Chief Pro Tem shall be elected by the Court from among the Justices, with Presidential and Senate approval. 
The Chief Justice Pro Tempore shall serve as the assistant to the Chief Justice and, in case of his or her absence, shall assume all duties, rights and privileges of the Chief Justice.  He or she shall preside over any impeachment trial of the Chief Justice. 


Governing Documents

ASRCC Constitution 
ASRCC Election Code
ASRCC Finance Code
ASRCC Budget FY 21/22 

Club and Organization Forms

Meet the Team

Executive Branch

Albert Jaramillo

Albert Jaramillo

Hello fellow Tigers, my name is Albert Jaramillo and I am the current ASRCC Student Body President. My fields of study, here at RCC, are Welding Technologies and Entrepreneurship. This is my 3rd and final year as a member of ASRCC. I have been a part of ASRCC because I enjoy the real-world applications of the classroom lessons learned on campus as well as being an advocate for students. Being President allows me the opportunity address students concerns at my level or take to the proper level to get resolved. 

Tristan Morales

Tristin Morales

Hello everyone, I am Tristin Morales and this year Vice President. I am at rcc for my business major and is about to transfer out this spring. I chose to run Vice President is because I wanted to be the help make change for student on campus and making sure that students voice is being heard.

Paola Barrera
Paola Barrera

My name is Paola Barrera and I serve as a secretary in ASRCC. I am the first generation to attend college, and I am studying graphic design. I decided to be part of student government because I would like to make a difference for school and help guide students with the resources that the school provides. Also, helping students is my passion, and I would use my time to volunteer at events too. I'm honored to be part of ASRCC and be the voice of the students.

Elisabeth Etchell
Elizabeth Etchell

Hi, my name is Elisabeth E. I am a Sociology major and one of the InterClub Council Directors here at RCC. I was an ICC Rep for the Political Science Student Association last year (’20-’21) and fell in love with clubs and ICC. This year as ICC Director, I hope to be a representative for all the clubs, doing what I can to help each to thrive, connecting them with information and resources, and speaking up for their needs and all students needs as a member of ASRCC. Please always feel free email with any questions.

Juan Mendoza
Juan Mendoza

Hello, I’m Juan Mendoza and I serve as ICC Director at ASRCC. My major is Graphic Design and I want to be an animator. I become a ICC director to bring positivity to the clubs and I’m fair with the clubs.

Brooke Harold
Brooke Harold

My name is Brooke Harold and I serve as the campus activities council director for ASRCC! I am a first-year student at RCC majoring in dietetics and nutrition, and I hope to transfer to SDSU after graduating in the fall of 2022. I wanted to become a part of ASRCC and take on this role to make activities that bring the community of RCC together, creating a safe and welcoming environment for students to prosper. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team!
Legislative Branch

Jake England
Jake England

My name is Jake England and I serve as a Student Senator in ASRCC. I am a civil engineering major and hope to transfer to UCLA, or another top university in 2023. I decided to run for Senate because I believe the great opportunity that our school has provided us should be the best it can be to reach our goals as students. I wanted to serve any way I can, especially to improve on any and all ways that students are served by the school itself.

Douglas Tang
Douglas Tan

Hi everyone. My name is Douglas Tang, and I am one of the Student Senators in ASRCC. I'm a pre-law student and currently trying to finish my associate degree in Political Science. Having been taking classes at RCC since 2019, I have been friends and acquaintances with many professors and faculty members of the school. To make use of this advantage, I chose to run for Senate because I know this position can allow me to reach out and meet with more people to address what can be done to help the school become a more culturally inclusive environment for students of all groups to feel like their home. There are many helpful services and resources available on campus, but I believe there are more that can still be brought to the table to make RCC a community college so that students across the globe don’t have to think twice about when applying here.


Okami Harveinheit-Lucrey
Okami Harveinheit-Lucrey

Hello, my name is Okami Harveinheit-Lucrey.
I serve as one of the Student Senators in ASRCC. I am a Business Major student, who is striving to transfer to UCR and finish RCC in 2022. I decided to run for Senate because I want to be the representative for the students who feel unnoticed, as well as I want to make a difference here at RCC that would be beneficial to all. Joining ASRCC was the best way to achieve my said goal, for here I can make changes and choices based on not only the students’ voices, but my own as well. I not only want to serve myself, but my fellow peers because we are the same no matter where we stand. So, to my fellow peers, I thank you for electing me to be your voice!

Kim Shaw

Kim Shaw

Hello everyone!! My name is Kim Shaw and thank all of you for voting me to become your Senator at RCC. I have a dual major which are Paralegal Studies along with Cybersecurity Information and Defense.   I am here to represent you and your concerns while you are pursuing and enriching your goals and life at Riverside City College.  Please feel free to reach out to me through email or phone if you have any concerns that I may be able to voice for you. I'm happy to help.

Judicial Branch

Katie Caceras
Katie Caceres

I am Katie Cáceres and I am ASRCC's Supreme Court Chief Justice. I am a business administration major and aim to go into criminal defense law or business law after obtaining an undergrad at UC Irvine. I applied for the Supreme Court because the law fascinates me in that even the most basic words serve great importance. Truthfully, I've never thought of being a public servant before, but after a couple of months of taking on this role, I realized it makes me genuinely happy to see students enjoy the college experience after the online robotic world of 2020.

Inter-Club Council

elisabeth Etchell

Elisabeth Etchell- ICC Director

juan mendoza

Juan Mendoza- ICC Director

Student Senate

ASRCC Senate Group

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