Leading Education into the Future 

President Gregory Anderson 

Dr. Gregory Anderson I am proud to lead my team at RCC as we provide opportunity to our students, staff and community. Education is empowering and enlightenment. I encourage everyone to embrace its challenge, because the rewards are more than a pay cheque — it’s an expansion of minds. 

The RCC Leadership Team 

Dr. Carol FarrarDr. Carol Farrar
Vice President,
Academic Affairs

Dr. Chip WestDr. Raymond West
Vice President, 
Business Services

Dr. Kristine DiMemmo Dr. Kristine DiMemmo
Interim Vice President, 
Planning and Development

Dr. FeRita CarterDr. FeRita Carter
Vice President,
Student Services


John AdkinsJohn Adkins
Dean of Instruction,
Fine & Performing Arts

Dr. Tammy Vant HulDr. Tammy Vant Hul
Dean, School of  

Scott BlairScott Blair
Dean of Instruction,
STEM and Kinesiology

Dr. Thomas Cruz-SotoDr. Thomas Cruz-Soto
Dean of Student Services

Dr. Carol FarrarWendy McEwen
Dean of Instructional

Kyla O'ConnorKyla O'Connor
Dean of Enrollment 

Shari YatesDr. Shari Yates
Interim Dean of Career and Technical Education​

Kristi WoodsDr. Kristi Woods
Dean of Instruction
Languages, Humanities and 
Social Sciences

Dr. Rachel WeissDr. Rachel Weiss
Dean of Grant Development & Administration


President’s Leadership Team Report