AP 2225[A]
Reference: Title 5, Sections 55000, 55040-55043, 55253 and 56029

Students may repeat courses in which a “C” or better grade was earned. Only the following types of courses re repeatable: courses for which repetition is necessary to meet the major requirements of CSU or UC for completion of a bachelor’s degree, intercollegiate athletics, and intercollegiate academic or vocational competition courses that are related in content.


The following conditions apply to repeatable courses:

  1. For those courses that are designated as repeatable, a student may enroll multiple times in the course, but in most cases, the limit will be four semester enrollments.
  2. Repeatable courses are identified in the college catalog.
  3. All grades and units will be used in the computation of the grade point average and earned units, with the following exceptions:
    1. When a repeatable course is taken and a substandard grade earned, the course may be repeated to alleviate the substandard grade with the most recent grade used in the computation of the grade point average.
    2. Grades from other repeats will be used in the computation of the grade point average.

Students are allowed to repeat a course when repetition is necessary to enable that student to take courses that are determined to be legally mandated. Students may be asked to provide evidence that these courses that are required by statute or regulation as a condition of paid or volunteer employment. Students can repeat such courses any number of times, even if they received a grade of C or better; however, the grade received by the student each time will be included in calculations of the student’s grade point average. Students may be required to provide documentation that the course repetition is legally mandated.

Students with disabilities can repeat a special class for students with disabilities any number of times when an individualized determination verifies that such repetition is required as a disabilityrelated accommodation for that particular student as specified in Title 5 section 56029.

Students are allowed to repeat a course in occupational work experience under the circumstances described in Title 5 section 55253. A student may earn a total of 16 semester units in occupational work experience. When an occupational work experience course is repeated, the grade received each time shall be included for the purposes of calculating the student’s grade point average. If a college offers only one course in occupational work experience in a given field, students may be permitted to repeat this course any number of times as long as they do not exceed the limits set forth in Title 5, section 55253.

After a student has attempted a course three (3) times and in instances where a student is permitted to repeat a course multiple times, the student may be required to register for the course, in person, at the Admissions & Records office of any campus.

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